BFS — Breadth First Search PT.2

def is_exit(node): #Defineif node == 'K': #nodereturn True def bfs(graph, start):global visitedqueue = [start]#queuewhile queue:node = queue.pop(0)if is_exit(node):print(node + 'Exit')#The searched variablevisited.append(node)#Visited listreturn visitedif node not in visited: visited.append(node)neighbors = graph[node]for n in neighbors: #define neighbors(linked alphabets)queue.append(n)return visited graph = {'A':['B'],'B':['A', 'C'],'C':['B', 'D', 'E'],'D':['C'],'E':['C', 'H'],'F':['G'],'G':['F', 'H', 'J'],'H':['E', 'G', 'I'],'I':['H', 'K'],'J':['G'],'K':['I']}visited = []print(bfs(graph, 'A'))
The result




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